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Does expert blackjack card-counting require a photographic memory

Wednesday 4nd August 2010

When beginner or novice blackjack players hear the term 'card-counting', it is easy for them to conjure up an image of a computerised process that remembers the rank of every card played in a blackjack game. From this game play information mathematical calculations need to be made quickly to determine the correct play to make at any given time during the blackjack game.

Although miniaturised computers can be utilised in casinos successfully they are typically very expensive, almost impossible to use correctly at the pace of a normal blackjack game, and ultimately highly illegal in most countries. Fortunately, the card-counter needs no graduate level background in mathematics and only requires a fair to average memory to achieve the desired advantages over any casino blackjack game.

Most professional blackjack card-counters keep just one or two numbers in mind and need only to perform the most straightforward of arithmetic to determine all playing decisions. A few tables need to be memorised but this task can be done at leisure and well in advance of playing the game.

Not welcome in land-based casino's, do card-counters potentially have another route to market in the growing abundance of online casinos?