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Live Dealer Blackjack

Sunday 7th November 2010

Over the last 12 months live online casino gambling has grown significantly in popularity, much of this growth is a result of the technology maturing and more online casinos taking advantage of this available technology. However, what benefits does live online blackjack have for the player?

Blackjack Choice believes that the growing popularity of live online blackjack gaming is undoubtedly the fact that it allows the blackjack player to have real interaction with the dealer, you can see the dealer, play the dealer, even talk to the dealer. What's more, through the use of the webcam, players can benefit from an authentic blackjack gaming experience and feel part of a genuine blackjack casino environment.

Trust is a key benefit of live online blackjack, players no longer have to worry about mistakes or tricks as a result of the use of a Random Number Generator (RNG); instead, they can actually see what is happening in real-time, this is particularly important to VIP players and those new to online blackjack.

What to look for in a live online blackjack casino

  • Instant play, no need for a download
  • Fast and stable and video streaming
  • Ability to chat with the blackjack dealer and other players
  • Multi seat capabilities
  • Games that are set in professional studios

Blackjack Choice recommends Sky Vegas and Party Gaming online casinos for the best live online blackjack experience.