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Power Blackjack

Game Name:
Power Blackjack – Player's Suite
6 Decks of standard playing cards, shuffled for each hand of play
Blackjack pays:
3 to 2
1 to 1
Insurance pays:
2 to 1
Double Down:
Yes, on any two cards
Double Down after Split:
Split Aces:
Yes, but each Ace only receives one card
Dealer draws to:
Dealer stands on:
All 17's
Power Double, Power Split
Software Producer:

Blackjack has been electrified! Two powerful features have been added that both novice and expert Blackjack players should love. Power Double gives you the chance to replace a weak double down card. Power Split allows you to split a hard 15 or 16, turning an anaemic hand into two new possibilities.

Power Double

Power Double gives you the power of a second chance. When you double down on an initial 9, 10 or 11, you will get the power to replace your double down card. You also continue to enjoy standard double down opportunities on all other two-card hands.

Power Split

Power Split gives you the power to turn around a bad situation. When you are initially dealt a hard 15 or 16, you enjoy the power to split this weak hand into two separate hands to improve you odds.

In order to fund the special features offered by Power Blackjack the rules have been altered slightly. If the Dealer gets 22, your bet is returned. All other standard Blackjack rules still apply.

How to play Power Blackjack

In Power Blackjack you try to beat the Dealer by accumulating a card value close to, but not over 21 points.

Start by placing a bet. After placing your bets, click the DEAL button to start play.

You receive two cards, both face up, and the Dealer receives on face up card.


If the Dealer gets a hard 22, all Player main-game bets push. In the case of a Player Blackjack, however, the Dealer shall not attempt to draw 22. Similarly, an eight-card Player hand whose value does not exceed 21 beats a Dealer hard 22.

Insurance Bets are offered when the Dealer's face up card is an Ace. Subsequent Dealer Blackjack will pay 2 to 1 on any Insurance Bet.

Dealer Blackjack beats all Player outcomes causing loss of all Player main bets. The exception is when both the Dealer and Player both have Blackjack, in this case the bet is returned to the Player.

Player Rules

One re-split is allowed per originally split card.

Player may double down on any initial two-card hands of a split or re-split hand.

Blackjack is only possible on the first two cards of each hand (and not on split or re-split cards).

Player may split first two cards if they total to 15 or 16 and neither card is an Ace.

If Player doubles down on an initial 9, 10 or 11, the player may replace the initial double down card.

Player may draw a maximum of eight cards for any hand. An eight-card Player hand whose value does not exceed 21 beats all Dealer outcomes except for Dealer Blackjack.

Power Blackjack is available to play at these following casinos: