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Can multi-player tables affect your blackjack game?

Thursday 8th July 2010

An increasing number of online casinos now allow you to play blackjack with other 'real' players at the same blackjack table, although it is not quite the same as sitting in a real casino and exchanging pleasantries and discussing the run of cards it does allow a certain level of social interaction. Chat boxes and instant messaging on multi-player blackjack games are becoming increasingly popular; some online casinos even allow the option to create a private room for you and your friends to play blackjack. Some of the more advanced online casinos such as Sky Vegas offer live blackjack whereby you can interact with a live dealer albeit at the end of a web cam.

So now you have the option to play at a multi-player blackjack table online, should you do it? Will the other players affect your run of play and the outcomes you are hoping for?

In general gamblers are a suppositious bunch of people and blackjack players are no exception, some blackjack players believe that playing other less skilled players can actually affect the order of cards and cause bad things to happen to good players, in fact you will often hear blackjack players giving each other unsolicited advice concerning how to play a given hand. In no other game are there so many experts with radically different philosophies on how to play the game. Here is the truth, the play of bad players does not affect the order of cards for better or worse, a terrible player can sit down and play foolishly and suddenly all the good players start winning, the reverse can also happen. The play of other players is irrelevant and should be ignored, in blackjack your fate is really in the cards, not in the hands of other players.

Whichever way your luck goes ensure you play blackjack at a casino which has been verified and tested by a certified regulator of gambling software. For a list of online casinos that have been certified and are regulated to the highest standard select a recommended casino.