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Blackjack Articles

Live Dealer Blackjack

Sunday 7th November 2010

Playing live dealer blackjack at an online casino has suddenly become reality.

Is it luck or chance with blackjack?

Tuesday 31st August 2010

How much is luck and how much is down to chance with Blackjack?

The Blackjack Surrender option, should you be using it?

Tuesday 24th August 2010

Is the Surrender option in blackjack for losers?

Is a photographic memory required for blackjack card-counting?

Wednesday 4th August 2010

Is blackjack card-counting the preserve of the mathematically gifted or can a mere mortal achieve success?

Single-Deck Blackjack vs Multi-Deck Blackjack, which game offers the best odds?

Monday 2nd August 2010

Which game of blackjack offers the best odds to a blackjack player, single-deck or multi-deck blackjack?

Will playing multi-player online blackjack affect your luck?

Thursday 8th July 2010

Will playing against 'real human' players in online multi-player blackjack affect your game?

Positive and Negative Effects of Blackjack Rule Changes and Options

Wednesday 30th June 2010

How do the many options and rule changes between the various Blackjack game variants effect your expected return?

Is Insurance a Good Bet whilst playing Blackjack?

Wednesday 23rd June 2010

Should the Basic Strategy player take Insurance Bets?

To Bet or Not to Bet - How people act to avoid regret

Tuesday 27th April 2010

Recent research has cast doubt on the age old saying, "You always regret the things you don't do".

The Six Categories of Blackjack Players

Tuesday 23rd February 2010

American author Frank Scoblete categorised blackjack players into six seperate groups. Find out what category you sit in.