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Double Attack Blackjack

Game Name:
Double Attack Blackjack
8, shuffled after each hand of play
Blackjack pays:
1 to 1
Insurance pays:
3 to 1
Double Down:
Yes, but not after splitting aces
Split Aces:
Yes, but only receive one card each
Dealer draws to:
Dealer stands on:
All 17's
Double your bet after seeing a weak Dealer's card
Software Producer:

Popular in Atlantic City casinos, the game is a variation of Spanish 21. The game uses Spanish decks which are 48 card decks (standard deck minus the four ten cards).

Double Attack Blackjack by WagerWorks lets you beat the dealer with both barrels blazing. Double your bet against a weak dealer up-card. Surrender or Double Down on any number of cards.

How to play Double Attack Blackjack

In Double Attack Blackjack, you try to beat the Dealer by accumulating a card value total close to, but not over, 21 points.

After placing your bet, click the DEAL button to start play. You will see the Dealer face-up card first and have a chance to Double Attack. After making your Double Attack decision, you receive two cards, both face up, and commence playing Blackjack.

Double Attack

In every hand, you have the chance to double your initial bet after seeing the Dealer's face-up card. This is called a 'Double Attack' and lets you get more money into play against a weak Dealer card.

Once you decide whether or not to Double Attack, the remaining initial cards are dealt and your Blackjack hand proceeds normally.

If you Double Attack and then later split your hand, the cost of your split is based upon your total bet i.e. initial bet plus Double Attack bet).

Also, if you Double Attack and then later Double Down, the cost of your Double Down is based on your total bet (initial bet plus Double Attack bet).

In every case, your winnings are always based on your total bet (initial bet plus any Double Attack bet).


Dealer Blackjack beats all Player outcomes causing loss of initial Player bet and return of any Double attack bet. The exception is when both Player and Dealer have Blackjack, and then the initial bet plus any Double Attack bet are returned to the Player.

All '10' cards have been removed from the deck.

Player Rules

Player may surrender after Double Down.

Player may surrender after receiving one additional card on a split Ace.

Blackjack is only possible on first two cards on each hand (and not on split cards).

Player may draw a maximum of eight cards for any hand. An eight-card Player hand whose value does not exceed 21 beats all Dealer outcomes.

An Insurance Bet opportunity is offered when the Dealer's face-up card is an Ace. The Insurance Bet amount will be exactly half of the Player's initial bet. (A Double Attack bet will not affect the potential size of the Insurance Bet.) Subsequent Dealer Blackjack will pay 3 to 1 on any Insurance Bet.

Double Attack Blackjack is available to play at these following casinos: