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Chartwell is a leading developer and supplier of Internet gaming software systems to the online and mobile gaming industry. Established in 1998 with over 120 employees in Calgary, Vancouver, London (UK), Singapore and Malta.

Chartwell's slots have widely varying and entertaining concepts, with inspired themes taken from far and wide. Underwater or outer space, from the Far East to the North Pole or the jungle to the racetrack, our slot games are carefully designed to have broad appeal across the entire player spectrum.

Multiplayer Games

The multiplayer games provide the ability for up to 5 players of the same currency to share a table against the house. Each game features table-specific chat so that players can interact with each other to generate the buzz and camaraderie of a real casino, and from the main multiplayer lobby, players can easily and quickly look for their friends with the Find a Player feature.


Chartwell offers A dynamic poker software solution complete with single table and multi-table tournament functionality, frequent player points, mini-view, integrated player stats, filters, multi-table views and licensee controlled HTML pages for advertising. In addition there is an array of other unique features designed to increase player loyalty and length of play.

Fixed Odds Games

Chartwell's Fixed Odds Games are wildly inventive, putting a creative twist on traditional games and ultimately generating entirely new and hugely compelling concepts.


All players are dreaming about one thing - the "Big Win". The never-work-another-day-in-your-life jackpot. Chartwell's linked progressive jackpot (LPJ) network allows players to win more cash than they could accumulate alone.


BingoNexus is Chartwell's exciting European-facing, Euro currency bingo community, powered by Parlay Entertainment's revolutionary Parlay 5 bingo front-end and Chartwell's powerful back-end administration system.

Live Gaming

An increasing number of gaming operators are looking to live gaming as a natural follow-on to the success of RNG casinos. Chartwell have formed a partnership with Entertasia for a full suite of live gaming software.

Global Appeal

Chartwell has expanded the global reach of its games with Multilanguage and multicurrency support. Their online casino games are currently offered in 24 languages so far, and the gaming system supports any and all currencies you wish to offer. In addition, we offer a number of games designed to appeal to local tastes in the various markets in which they are deployed.

The following casino utilises software developed by Chartwell: