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Is Blackjack is a game of chance?

Tuesday 31st August 2010

Whilst there are elements of both luck and skill in blackjack, it cannot be considered a game of chance. As in many games, both skill and luck are undeniably factors. In poker and numerous other such games it is possible to triumph through luck alone; however, it is predominantly skill that determines the reliable winners. Even so with blackjack; why else would casinos bar any players at all?

By barring card-counters the casinos are effectively providing a warm welcome to unskilled players while refusing skilled players the right to play at all. Upon reflection, this is a morally unacceptable act if they believe blackjack to be a game of chance and totally unprincipled if they believe skill to be the determining factor in blackjack.

Players at roulette or craps tables who vary their bet sizes or win money from the games are not denied further access, because the casino management know that these are games of chance. If the casino management remain greedy and still prevent a few skilled players to be winners at the blackjack table, then they are threatening the future existence of the blackjack game.

It has been reported that less than 2% of a casinos net profits are lost to the blackjack card counters. Is this loss not acceptable as a business write-off as long as it serves to increase the popularity and continuing growth of blackjack and the overall gambling industry?

The simple fact that the game can be beaten through playing intelligently and employing blackjack basic strategy is precisely what draws the crowds to blackjack. People who would not normally visit a casino at all are willing to practice their skills at blackjack, there is an acceptable risk coupled with the possibility of winning? This is the paradox of blackjack; the most profitable table game for the casino is the only game that can be beat through skilful play.