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Zero Blackjack

Game Name:
Zero Blackjack
100% - expected player return using perfect player strategy
8, shuffled after each round
Blackjack pays:
3 to 2
Suited Natural Blackjack pays:
2 to 1
Insurance pays:
2 to 1
Winning Hand:
1 to 1
Winning Hand totalling 21 with 5 Cards pays:
2 to 1
Double Down:
On 8, 9, 10 and 11
Double Down after split:
Split Aces:
Dealer draws to:
Dealer stands on:
Software Producer:

In Chartwell's Zero Blackjack, the object of the game is to beat the dealer by having a hand that totals 21 without going over or is closer to 21 than the dealer's hand.

How to play Zero Blackjack

Click on the chip stack, in the bottom right corner of the screen, to select the desired bet amount. The amount selected must be greater-than, or equal-to the minimum bet requirement posted on the table.

Click on 1, 2, or 3 of the "Bet" circles to place your initial bet(s). To remove or change a bet, hold the shift key and left-click the chip(s) or use the "Undo" button.

Click on the Deal button to have the cards dealt.

Additional bets once the cards have been dealt include Double Down and Split bets, as well as options to take Insurance and Even Money.

At all times, you will be able to see your Balance and the Total of your current bet . Your account will be credited or debited after each game.

To start a new game click on "New Game". To repeat the same bet you placed in the last game, click "Same Bet".


The game is played using 8 decks of cards, re-shuffled after each round.

Once a player has bet, both the player and the dealer are dealt two cards each. The player's cards are dealt face up. The dealer's first card is dealt face down.

If you are dealt any two cards other than a Blackjack, you may "Stand" (refuse any further cards), or "Hit" (accept another card). A player who stands will not receive additional cards. Cards are dealt until the player stands or "busts" (exceeds 21). When you bust, you immediately lose your bet regardless of the dealer's hand result.

After the player's final actions, the dealer reveals the down card. If the dealer's hand is 16 or less, the dealer must continue to "hit" until reaching 17 or more. The dealer must stand on soft 17 and cannot take additional cards. If the dealer exceeds 21 ("bust"), and the player has stood without busting, the player wins. When the dealer stands on 17 or greater and has a higher count than the player - the dealer wins; if the player has the higher count - the player wins. If the player and the dealer have the same totals, it's a "push" (tie) except in the case when the player has drawn 5-cards on the hand and has a total of 21.

Zero Blackjack Additional Features

Suited Natural Blackjack - In 'zero Blackjack' a Suited Natural Blackjack, where the players first two cards total 21 and are of the same suit (eg Ace of Spades and Jack of Spades), pays 2:1 instead of the standard payout of 3:2 for a Blackjack. A Suited Natural Blackjack does not beat a standard Blackjack and if both the player and dealer have a Blackjack (regardless of whether it is a standard Blackjack or Suited Natural Blackjack), it is always a "push".

5-Card 21 - If at any stage the player achieves a points total of 21 having taken exactly 5 cards on the hand, the player will immediately be paid out at 2:1. A player 5-card 21 beats any dealer drawn 21, but does not beat a dealer Blackjack. The 5-card 21 rule does not apply to the dealer and therefore a dealer 5-card 21 will "push" against a player 21 with less than 5 cards.

Zero Blackjack is available to play at the following casinos: