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Playing Blackjack on Mobile Phones

Tuesday 20th July 2010

Similar to other 'adult-based' entertainment services, gambling is always quick to implement new features and the latest capabilities of modern technology. For example, online casinos were quick to implement live video streaming for live dealers, now most reputable online casinos offer mobile variants of the most popular casino games. Blackjack as a game lends itself to mobile devices, the game play is straightforward and is well understood by blackjack players and the representation is easily transported to a small mobile screen.

Over the last couple of years the improvements in mobile handsets has been nothing short of phenomenal. Two years ago most people would have been using a mobile phone which had a mono screen, limited sound and limited if any internet browsing capabilities. With the advent of the smart phone mobile handsets have become increasingly powerful and are now capable of providing a rich gaming experience. In addition to the improved capabilities of mobile phones flat rate data tariff's or 'all you can eat' data tariffs have played their part in reducing the hurdles a player has to overcome to get a rich blackjack gaming application onto their handset.

Although still in its infancy the popularity of gambling on mobile devices has been advancing at an increasing rate, in anticipation of increased demand for mobile gambling and betting services during the FIFA World Cup Betfair recently launched a betting application on the Apple Store.

Another driver of the popularity of gambling on mobile phones include the ability to play wherever and whenever the desire takes you, waiting for a bus may never be the same again. Often referred to as 'snacking', mobile blackjack players typically play for small periods of time but will play fairly frequently.

Most online casinos that offer mobile variations of blackjack also offer additional gaming staples such as roulette, slots, scratch cards and instant win games.